Corporate social responsibility

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Community Involvement

As a company we have the power to work for good in the community and do so through involvement in numerous charity and volunteer activities.

  • Children with Cancer UK is Euromedica’s chosen charity; we proudly support them through fundraising and events throughout the year
  • We encourage our employees to support their charity of choice within the office in the way of bake sales, dress up days, sponsored runs and challenges, all to raise vital funds for Macmillan Coffee Morning, Cancer Research, Comic Relief and Save the Children
  • We periodically review our involvement in the community and our related policies to ensure that our impact is targeted most effectively
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Environmental Practice

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and take all reasonable steps to reduce that impact by continually implementing best practice to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • We actively encourage video conferencing to reduce the need to travel to meetings
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, toner cartridges, light bulbs, plastic bottles and drinks cans
  • We re-use IT equipment, where we can, for new starters and interns, rather than buying new
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Fair Operating Practices

We understand that our business is accountable for its involvement in wider public affairs, ensuring we act ethically and responsibly to maintain good relationships with other companies.

  • We ensure anti-corruption measures are in place, including anti-bribery and maintenance of all local laws and customs in the markets where we operate
  • To prevent bribery we observe the principles of the Bribery Act
  • We select suppliers and those whom we supply with consideration as to whether they are positioned to abide by fair operating practices
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Client and Candidate Care

We believe that clients and candidates have the right to be treated with respect, for issues they raise to be addressed, and for their engagements with us to be conducted efficiently, professionally, safely and ethically.

  • We maintain all personal data in line with GDPR compliance standards
  • We ensure clients and candidates make decisions freely and give them the information they need to make decisions
  • We don’t engage in practices that are deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or unfair, unclear or ambiguous, including omission of critical information
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Business Processes

As a responsible employer we are accountable for our actions and recognise their impact. We want engaged employees that understand our values and make our brand credible and scalable.

  • We encourage the core principles of CSR into our business. These are: accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, and respect for stakeholder interests and legal policies
  • We focus on getting the best out of people, rewarding them and treating them fairly, and providing them with greater levels of opportunity than they can achieve elsewhere
  • We keep all employees engaged and updated of latest news through regular internal communications
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Respecting People

We understand that employers have a responsibility to respect people and act to ensure anyone entering our workplace is treated fairly and respectfully. 

  • We exceed all legal requirements under associated human rights legislation
  • We don’t tolerate direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, bullying or any behaviour that can lead to employees, clients, candidates, or others with whom we have an impact feeling that their human rights have been abused
  • Our employment practices are free from discrimination based on race, colour, gender, religion, social origin, political opinion, age, or disability
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Managing People

As a rapidly expanding business, we grow and develop teams,fast-tracking the career progression of many employees.

  • We support our people to develop and grow in their roles whilst making a valued contribution to the success of the business by providing internal and external job specific training
  • We share with our employees regular updates on company performance and other matters of interest, for example: financial performance, employee news and CSR activities
  • We complete regular employee reviews to ensure training and development needs are reviewed and the required levels of performance are met

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