Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At Euromedica, we do more than pay lip service to the value of diversity. As an executive search firm, we promote diversity and inclusion through the candidates we place.

We believe that talent acquisition professionals hold a lot of power in terms of contributing to the future of what companies look like. If a recruiter provides clients with diverse shortlists, then companies naturally become aware of broader talent pools. This opens the door for minority groups that have previously been underrepresented, whether due to gender, race, sexuality, disability or socioeconomic background. As recruiters, we therefore have a responsibility to be at the forefront of inclusivity in business.

In recent years, there has been a particular focus on the lack of gender equality in STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - roles. As a Life Sciences specialist search firm, we therefore feel it is especially important for us to champion qualified female candidates for roles within this sector. We also offer other solutions which help our clients attract more diverse talent, such as a better understanding of the career ambitions and drivers of these target pools. 

At Euromedica, we firmly believe that a diverse workforce benefits everybody.

Balanced, inclusive work cultures bring together different ways of thinking, encouraging innovation and productivity. As an international company, we have a heightened appreciation for the importance of global perspectives and cultural nuances.


of VP to C-Suite placements by Walter James & Euromedica in 2018 were female


Candidates placed who are diverse


Euromedica resourcers who specifically identify female and diverse talent


Euromedica's success rate

Diverse shortlists

We provide clients with more diverse shortlists (in line with the D&I KPIs and requirements for the respective position). We benchmark our shortlists against the wider talent market and provide you with the respective insights and data points.

Unconscious bias

We make clients more aware of unconscious bias and how to reduce it.

Industry events

We arrange regular industry events to create awareness and share ideas regarding female and other diverse talent in the life sciences space.

Business benefits

We provide data on the benefits of female talent and their positive business characteristics.

Realistic market information

We inform hiring decisions by providing realistic market information of diverse talent pools for target functions and skills areas.

Cultural insights

We collate insights on specific career drivers of diversity groups to allow clients to create a compelling attraction and retention proposition.

Diverse talent pipeline

We ensure a consistent regeneration of our pipeline of passive diverse talent.

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